The Katie Moore Foundation helps patients and families dealing with rare cancers through research, advocacy, and community.

Anyone who has been diagnosed or who has had a loved one diagnosed with a rare cancer knows that it is not only a life-altering feeling but also a lonely one. Like being cast a-sea with no oars or compass, there is little known about these diseases and sparse knowledge about how to treat them.


Founded in 2013, the Katie Moore Foundation aims to fight for patients and families dealing with rare cancers by promoting awareness and research for this category of diseases.


Rare cancers are not rare. Of the roughly 1,500,000 cancer cases that will be diagnosed this year in the United States, approximately 375,000 will be rare forms of the disease -  full quarter of all cases. In order to make progress towards finding better outcomes, then, KMF’s mission is three-fold:



We aim to fund research on under-funded diseases and promote projects which have maximum application and impact


By working with partners, we hope to help patients and families dealing with rare cancers find the support they need



We aim to promote awareness and positive impact in the lives of those facing rare cancers and the people around them